Lynn Golding

Neighbourhood Mandalas

I am a local urban artist who was born in Toronto. I enjoy capturing the neighbourhood landscapes and rendering them in my chosen format: the mandala. At the centre of each is the essence. A mandala is a circle, a sign of wholeness, with balance in colour and design. I began painting traditional mandalas 9 years ago, after I saw a doublemandala while surfing the net. And so, in September, 2007, I wanted to see how Kensington Market would be in mandala form, and that journey was the birth of "My Toronto Neighbourhood Mandalas ". I have now created 44 organic neighbourhood mandalas + 40 traditional ones. My mandalas are created using pencil sketches, acrylics, watercolor, pen, & ink. It takes 80-100 hours for each, including research,and painting. They are truly a passion of mine and I put all my heart into making each one. Everyone is very, very proud of his/her neighbourhood (both past and present) in Toronto ! I have tried to capitalize on all the good in each area with a peace dove wishing love and happiness to the whole community.

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