Merch & Memberships

Support the Algonquin Island Association Clubhouse! Each year funds raised from the Christmas Boutique, event rentals, and bar sales, sales of clothing and memberships help pay for enhancements for efficiency, wider community use and as an attractive rental venue. Funds are also raised at every community event (recently that includes ukulele, New Years, trains, also movie nights and darts).

Buy a standard membership

Pickleball Memberships

Pickleball membership includes a standard membership plus unlimited pickleball access at the AIA during the fall, winter and spring.

Pickleball memberships have regular memberships built into the price - December 1 to November 30 following year. ***Memberships bought in November, prior year start are good for the up-and-coming season. To buy an AIA membership options include dropping a well-marked envelope in Elizabeth's mailbox or visiting the AIA table at the Christmas Boutique. 

Buy a drop-in guest pass

Drop-in guest passes are valid for the day of purchase. Guests must be accompanied by a member when attending.

AIA Merch: Buy an AIA T-shirt, hoodie or cap - subject to availability

T-shirts, tuques, hoodies, tote bags and aprons! Contact Elizabeth for availability.

About the AIA logo: Jerry Englar  worked with Dorte Nielsen and Andy Taylor on the AIA logo. The image of the bridge they used was from an album by Bruce Cockburn called High Winds, White Sky. They added the tree on the right side of the bridge and of course removed the snow, so not a direct copy. Jerry, Dorte and Andy felt the Algonquin Bridge is the identifier of the Algonquin Community. Most important is that they had fun and were proud of the logo. Island Style.

T-shirts - $25 Hoodies - $50 Touques - $25 Aprons - $20 Tote bags - $25