St Andrew by-the-Lake

Amaryllis Bulbs

Apple Blossom

Moscow - White

 Carmen - red

Red Lion


An annual treat! Watch the amaryllis emerge from its trusty bulb. These bulbs are robust and give a wonderful show. $25 each.

Minerva - red with white stripes
Carmen - red
Moscow - white
Red Lion - red, of course
Apple Blossom - soft pink and white

Place your order by sending an email to or leave a message at 416-203-0987 - Joyce may even answer! Wait for your order confirmation for payment and delivery instructions. Delivery will happen Dec 1.

Anyone who has purchased these bulbs in the past will attest to the quality of product. In fact, many of you probably still have one in your home that has given you a multitude of blooms over the years. So think of all your friends that you want to give a gift that keeps on growing. Decide what colours you want this year and email us today.